Wacky Wednesdays!

I am a bit of a fanatic regarding names in the news, which for a variety of reasons, are interesting because of occupation, context or irony. They're known as aptronyms or apt names. This hobby is an offshoot of my love of wordplay, i.e. Scrabble.

 So in addition to the names in my book, Wacky News Names, I am going to post one new name I've discovered each Wacky Wednesday. However, you will have to guess why he or she made the list. So here goes, the first entry is... 


A humor book by Stephen J. Busalacchi

A humor book by Stephen J. Busalacchi

Scott Speed

1. He won a typing contest.

2. He is a race car driver

3.  He was arrested for driving too slowly


The correct answer is????? 


#2. He is a Nascar driver

Posted on October 16, 2013 .