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Best money you'll ever spend

Family history preparation provides an invaluable product for a reasonable price. What you choose to invest in this family heirloom depends on what goals you have, how many people will be interviewed and what format (video, audio, print) you prefer.

Here some examples:

A finished length 15-minute video with one person interviewed and four themes, including photos and music would start at $2,500. A 30-minute video would cost approximately $3,800.

Less costly options include an audio interview produced on CD. A lightly edited, 30-minute CD would run about $1,800. Similarly, an audio recording could be made of somebody looking over photos and reminiscing about experiences. That could easily be used to create a video montage of those photos, narrated by a grandparent, parent or other family member. This could likely be accomplished for about $1,000.

We will provide a quote and a contract after discussing specifically what you'd like to accomplish, so there will be no surprises and a clear sense of time and cost.

Whatever your budget, a memoir is something precious that remains in the family, and can be duplicated indefinitely. You own it. It literally becomes more valuable to you and your family as time goes on. Clients have told me it is the best money they have ever spent.