Steve Busalacchi of Madison, Wisconsin, is a keynote speaker and conference break-out presenter who delivers fascinating and instructive content via story-telling and multimedia. Steve was a TEDx Madison 2013 presenter.

Steve leading a session at the South West Wisconsin Book Festival

Steve leading a session at the South West Wisconsin Book Festival

Steve discussed book promotion at the South West Wisconsin Book Festival September 14, 2013 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. 


Steve Busalacchi, author of White Coat Wisdom, has spoken to audiences across the country. In addition, he serves as a moderator for public forums and other events, as well as a speech coach. Steve blends his speaking and writing skills, along with his experience working in the healthcare system, to deliver presentations that stand out.

"Inspiring," is the word audience members frequently use to describe Steve's six programs (see panel below). 





Here's an example of a story with an important lesson from the chapter featuring Darold Treffert, MD. Steve integrates these anecdotes into his presentations using audio files from the original physician interviews so you hear directly from the story-teller.


A patient sees his doctor because he can no longer hear. After rigorous examination costing upwards of $10,000, the tests reveal nothing abnormal.
Since everything checked out from a physical standpoint, he was referred to a psychiatrist. When the patient arrived for that consultation, the doctor got out a piece of paper and wrote out: “Why can’t you hear?” (Remember, he couldn’t ask him verbally because the patient couldn’t hear). 

The patient responded, “Because I don’t have ears.” 

The man had hallucinated away his ears. With this revelation, health care was in a position to help him.

But was it necessary to spend $10,000 on tests to do it? Couldn’t the primary care doctors have asked him why he couldn’t hear without running a blizzard of tests?

The lesson is to always ask the patient what the problem is because he or she will often explain what it is and what can be done about it! This is the kind of story that is sprinkled throughout the presentation, except Steve lets the doctors tell you their stories themselves! 


White Coat Wisdom hardcover book

White Coat Wisdom by Stephen J. Busalacchi is an oral history featuring extraordinary physicians.

ISBN 978-09794222-56