White Coat Communications by Steve Busalacchi and Alice O'Connor of Madison, Wisconsin, is a comprehensive seminar aimed directly at physicians. 

White Coat Communications,™ based in Madison, Wisconsin, is a customized skills seminar tailored specifically for doctors and other healthcare professionals. 

Among our presenters are Mark Timmerman, MD, a family medicine and sports medicine physician. He has a special interest in patient/doctor communications.

Speech/presentation coach Alice O'Connor, has decades of experience wowing audiences and training leaders.

Media-training specialist Steve Busalacchi, is a veteran broadcast journalist, award-winning author and former Wisconsin Medical Society public relations director. 

Our   brochure outlines what is one of the most targeted, interactive and effective media training courses available. 

Why physicians need to pay more attention to communication issues:

Jerome Groopman, MD


What do participants think?

• “Thank you for the excellent seminar that you…put together. Clearly, in our series of leadership sessions, I found this particular session  to be the most entertaining, most instructional and most informative to date (most likely to influence a change on how I react and view interactions between the medical profession and the Media). Both of you addressed my apprehensions about dealing with the media, how we can view the media as a friend, and recognize these challenges must be faced. I have gained a new sense of confidence and learned a lot about my self (strengths and fears).”

• “It was a pleasure to attend your highly informative session; one of the best seminars we’ve had.”

• “The session was a standout, even amongst our fantastic PLDP course offerings. You gave some great tips, the anecdotes were really good, and the practice sessions were very helpful.  As I was listening to the course, I was thinking that every physician could benefit from what you have to say. I learned many valuable lessons that I will be applying in my everyday life.”

• “What I liked best was the expertise of the speakers and the media examples. It was fun and interactive.”

• “I really enjoyed the day and thought the discussion was very interesting and insightful. The role playing and feedback was fun and confidence-building.”