Making Giving Easy


You don't have to be a billionaire to make a significant and lasting contribution to the causes you deeply believe in. Enter the Madison Community Foundation (MCF), led by President Bob Sorge.

"We want to connect people to the things they love," Rotarian Sorge told Madison South Rotary. Sorge, whose organization manages endowments large and small, says it takes just $15,000 to become a permanent endowment. But funds can be established with less and will simply grow to that level over the years via asset appreciation and new contributions.

In fact, there are currently 56 such "Acorn" funds, meaning they "turn into oaks over time," explains Sorge. "They have a legacy going forward." That means the issues you care about continue to receive support into the future because the well, in a very real sense, never runs dry. "There's permanency to this fund," says Sorge.

MCF, founded almost seven decades ago, manages more than $140 million and distributes $8-$10 million annually. Once a fund is established, it's easy to recommend a grant, one's charitable interests are matched with many available options and donors benefit from economies of scale with respect to investment strategy. Moreover, MCF functions in perpetuity, creating the legacy many donors desire.

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Posted on August 5, 2013 .