Erasing Death


Dead just ain't what it used to be. Doctor Sam Parnia describes how people deceased for as long as 90-minutes, and sometimes even a few hours, are brought back to life. Sound impossible? This truly is amazing because the patients he describes have no pulse, can't breath and are flat lined as confirmed by medical equipment. In fact, at this point they are corpses.

What's different about the survivors is that their bodies were cooled, preserving their brain cells, which die at a much slower pace. If the emergency medical team can correct the underlying issue that caused their death, i.e., a blood clot that caused the heart attack, they can sometimes bring them back to life.

This doctor is a gifted story-teller who describes complex issues in a very understandable way. In fact, it's one of the best medical interviews I've ever heard. This discussion also includes how some patients who are dead are able to recall conversations the medical team made trying to revive them.

Doctor Parnia's book, is Erasing Death, which I plan to read. Check out the interview from the People's Pharmacy, which airs on public radio.

Posted on September 16, 2013 .