Consumer Reports: Most Expensive Subscription Ever at $10

The federal stimulus package should have included a free subscription to Consumer Reports. If my experience is typical, that would have led to a buying spree this nation has never seen.


What I love about Consumer Reports are the gadgets and consumer tips. I never tire of reading about that stuff. And just recently, about eight months ago, I subscribed to it, possibly for the second time in my life. I don't recall. But what was especially notable is that it is so damn cheap. Ten bucks, and I got a free book and a crappy battery-operated radio, to boot. I'm sure the radio would have garnered black circles all around, had they reviewed it within their pages.

In the past, I'd seek out CR at the library and use it for research if I was buying a car or some other expensive item. But now that I'm a subscriber, I'm realizing that I'm buying more stuff because of it.

For example, around Christmas I bought the coolest green Hitachi cordless drill, complete with a fashionable case and blinding flashlight and extra battery. I didn't even know Hitachi made drills until the CR issue came out. Tops in all categories, and I had to have it. That, despite having two cordless drills already and three corded ones! Granted, the cordless ones I had were horrible and weren't even adequate for a non-handyman like me. The corded ones work perfectly, but there's that annoying cord!

Then, there are the new Whirlpool washer and dryer, also highly rated. We love them and they use less water and lack that mind-numbing buzzer. Our Maytags were in perfect order, but nearing 12-years old. Why not update and get something for the old ones while they're still operable? Thank you, CR.

And it only gets worse. We just dropped a bundle on a new car, an SUV, actually. Top rated in its class, of course, by CR. Our old Camry is only that, but works perfectly fine. Still, it sure would be nice to have a modern vehicle with all of those safety improvements. Yes, it will be!  4WD and blind-spot buzzer, here we come.

Yep, if the Governor and President really want to goose the economy and create jobs, they should cook up a deal with the folks at CR. Putting this magazine in the hands of 100 million consumers would have to have a bigger economic bang than bailing out bankers who fleeced the country and then used the taxpayer money for massive, undeserved bonuses for their inept and unethical workforce.

Posted on February 18, 2014 .