173 and Counting...

It's been almost a year since Wacky News Names came out. The book chronicles the many ironic or contextually funny names that constantly appear in the news. But since the book went to press, I have continued to log 'em as I read 'em. This is an endless collection which grows by the day, especially since I have minions sending me even more names via email since the book came out. And yes, I do verify my submissions!

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New lower price. Click the cover!

Just today, I read about a boat captain named Martin Leake. Not long ago, a pilot who conducted an aerial tour of a disaster area is named Gary Bird. Keeping with the disaster theme, I learned about a 1994 tornado that did a number on a community named Big Flats.

I also read an article quoting a lighting specialist, Lisa Clarity. Morgan Brooks is a meteorologist who informed me about flooding. And then there was the defense attorney who defended his client against sodomy. Appropriately, his name is B.J. Bernstein. 

In the world of publishing, I came across a book on botany, written by Bob Flowerdew. I just finished reading Paul Tough's excellent book, where he argues that grit and determination are important predictors of student success. Maura Lerner wrote a piece last week about on-line college courses.

The crime names always get my attention. There's Samuel Mullet, accused of hair-cutting attacks. Sounds hair raising! Jay Skare is an alleged pedophile. Indeed. And Charles Walker escaped from prison by presenting fake papers and waltzing right out the door.

The world of business remains a plentiful font of appropriate names, too. There's Craig Sword who founded a knife company, Window Snyder who is a security specialist related to Windows XP and Steve Small, a human development specialist!

The names people remember most are the medical ones, and for good reason!  Laura Finger is a gynecologist, Richard Chopp is vasectomy specialist and John Noseworthy treats people with smell-related disorders!

Many of the new medical names come via my friend Richard Frankenstein, MD, who wrote the foreword to my book. For obvious reasons, he also has a heightened interest in this phenomenon.

Please keep the names coming.  We can do better than 173.

Posted on April 13, 2014 .