Life Matters (soft cover) by Stephen J. Busalacchi


Life Matters (soft cover) by Stephen J. Busalacchi


Life Matters by Stephen J. Busalacchi features physicians who discuss their experiences with dying patients. It is a must read for those who wish to die peacefully.

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Why Dying in America is Just Killing Us

Some of the most thoughtful physicians whose long experiences shapes their insights, offer hope and wisdom for making end-of-life care a natural part of the life process.

"Life Matters is an outstanding collection of stories from physicans on the front line of practice, who've helped dying patients with heavy decisions."

William Rock, MD
Medical Director, Emeritus
HospiceCare, Inc.

"One, you're the boss. Not your daughter. Not your son-in-law. Not me. And secondly, pain is not allowed here."

Kay Heggestad, MD
Hospice physician, Madison, WI