A. White Coat Wisdom-Chapters 1-20 [mp3 audio]

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A. White Coat Wisdom-Chapters 1-20 [mp3 audio]


Hear the doctors directly, in their voice! This is part A of the interview segments from White Coat Wisdom. There are 21 physicians featured in this first section. [3 hours and 9 minutes].

I. No Strain, No Gain

1. Top “Gunner” (Anderson Bauer, MD)
2. Back to Med School (Sandra Osborn, MD, MS)
3. Adjusting to Medicine (Daniel Wik, MD, DC)
4. Young at Art (LuAnn Moraski, DO)
5. Blood, Sweat and Fears (Layton “Bing” Rikkers, MD)
6. Operating Without a Scalpel (Mark Aschliman, MD)

II. Innovators

7. Seeing the Invisible Light (Julian E. De Lia, MD
8. Delivering the Male (Robert Alt, MD)
9. Unconventional Wisdom (David Morris, MD)

III. Ounce of Publicity, Pound of Cure

10. Lights, Camera, Reaction!
(Patrick Remington, MD, MPH)
11. Doctoring Health Policy (Peter Vila, MS)
12. Wrench in the Killing Machine
(Michael Fiore, MD, MPH, MBA)
13. Pretty Smart (Tina Marie Sauerhammer, MD)

IV. Performing Artists

14. Physician Musician (Adam Dachman, DO)
15. Playing Doctor (Mark Timmerman, MD)
16. Facing Plastic Surgery (Andrew Campbell, MD)

V. Life On-call

17. A Cut Above (John Riesch, MD)
18. It’s the Relationship, Baby (Robert Jaeger, MD)
19. Quarter Pounder with Thighs (Dennis Costakos, MD)
20. Don’t Show Me the Money (John Frantz, MD,
and Mary Frantz, MD)

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Audio chapters 1-20 of White Coat Wisdom. These are excerpts from the original recordings by the author, Stephen J. Busalacchi. These first 20 chapters run 3 hours and 9 minutes.

Praise for White Coat Wisdom

“Medicine and health care have been undergoing exponential changes
that affect patients, providers, and those who finance this immense
undertaking. White Coat Wisdom is an easy read that offers insights into
the many influences on care from those within the profession.”

— Nancy W. Dickey, MD, AMA President, 1998-99
President, Texas A&M Health Science Center

“This is oral history at its best. [The] stories are page-turner interesting.”
— Carol Petrowski, La Crosse County Library System

“Stories about great physicians give us insight into the world of medicine,
and the sacrifices required to serve others. White Coat Wisdom helps us
understand how students become physicians and how wise physicians
contribute to their communities and the world.”
— Patrick McBride, MD, Associate Dean for Students, University of Wisconsin

“Riveting—White Coat Wisdom delivers authentic answers from seasoned
— Ira Martin Grais, MD, FACC, FACP
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

“It is Busalacchi’s interview style and the open and honest answers that give
the book an air of integrity and intimacy, making it a worthwhile read.”
— Aaron Holbrook
Beaver Dam Daily Citizen

“I am in awe of Steve Busalacchi’s ability to put into book form interviews
with a large number of interesting physicians who, for the most
part, accomplished a lot during their careers and continue to do so. It
should be required reading for students accepted into medical schools
across this country…”
— Ernie Pellegrino, Jr., MD
Author, A Doctor’s Path