Finding Success Around Dark Corners 


Success stories of accomplished people are all the rage, but how did they get over the hurdles? That's what Steve Busalacchi focuses on in this speech. Inspiration and laughs are a big part of what these physician story-tellers teach us.

This presentation includes audio segments from doctors featured in White Coat Wisdom.

Medical journalist and author Busalacchi discusses what he’s learned after extensive interviews with several dozen notable physicians featured in White Coat Wisdom: Extraordinary doctors talk about what they do, how they got there and why medicine is so much more than a job.

Steve discusses:

 How to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds
 Why taking advice is more important than you might think
 The power of encouragement
 The ability to draw insight from failure

After experiencing this program, you will…

 Have a new appreciation for story-telling that makes an impact
 Be inspired to achieve your goals
 Realize that everybody suffer setbacks, no matter their gifts
 Understand that success is a constantly evolving concept

Steve has interviewed hundreds of physicians during his medical journalism career. That access to the brightest minds led to White Coat Wisdom, which has been endorsed by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, MD and the Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Steve has reported for National Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio, and understands how to get and tell a good story. This is one medical speaker who takes a different approach--one that focuses on stories and not bullet points!

Facts about this program:

 45-90 minutes in length
 Ideal for keynote speeches, breakout sessions or general session events
 Can be customized, depending on your audience or organization
 Package may include a copy of White Coat Wisdom for every audience member


"Listening to Steve Busalacchi's presentation about these extraordinary doctors and their lives, helped me in realizing that even when you come across obstacles on along the way they are only temporary to achieving your dreams. These exceptional doctors have gone through a lot of what we as students go through, and made it and became successful in their fields of medicine. This is a lecture that everyone should hear, no matter their career paths."

Lance Slatton
Colony Coordinator, Phi Delta Epsilon

"Loved the podcasts in the presentation."

"Great presentation...inspiring."

"Wonderful, refreshing presentation."


White Coat Wisdom hardcover book

White Coat Wisdom by Stephen J. Busalacchi is an oral history featuring extraordinary physicians.

ISBN 978-09794222-56