The phrase, "stranger than fiction," was never more aptly applied. A former reporter, Steve Busalacchi, reveals his 25-year collection of the most amazing, hysterical names straight out of the newspaper. Real people like dentist Dr. Mark Toothacre, life guard Brad Beach and artificial insemination specialist David Siemens are among the 700 featured. 

Reality Humor at its Best

"For those of us with distinctive surnames, Wacky News Names will reassure that many others feel our pain. When asked how often people comment about my name, my response is, Do you mean daily?"

--Richard Frankenstein, MD

Anthony Schmidt  Cartoonist

Anthony Schmidt


Steve Busalacchi  Author

Steve Busalacchi


Brad Beach  Life guard

Brad Beach

Life guard

                             Frank Beard--guess which one?                               ZZ TOP

                             Frank Beard--guess which one?

                             ZZ TOP

  • Shawnta McBride-bigamist who married six men
  • Thomas Thunder is an audiologist
  • Phyliss Zee is a sleep researcher

--Thanks to Grant H. of Round Lake Park, IL, who contributed dozens of verified examples

Have you heard a good one? Submit it to wackynewsnames@yahoo.com.


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Wacky News Names is a humor book based on real, verified names that are amazing because of the person's occupation or context in a news story.

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