Listening: The Lost Art?

Listening: the most underestimated skill in America. We don't listen because most of us simply take it for granted, and because it can be deceptively difficult to do well. But Steve Busalacchi presents an entertaining and thoughtful presentation that demonstrates how to train ourselves to better listen to clients, employees and others, all the while reaping the many benefits of doing so.

In his entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, the medical journalist and author discusses what he’s learned after extensive interviews with several dozen notable physicians featured in his book, White Coat Wisdom, as well as from more than 25 years as a professional writer and interviewer. 

Steve discusses:

  • Why it's so easy to dismiss the power of listening
  • The consequences of neglecting listening skills
  • How your bottom line improves through enhanced communication
  • What we need to do to assess and improve our listening ability

After experiencing this program, you will…

white coat Wisdom Stephen Busalacchi
  • Be inspired to reassess how you communicate
  • Recognize the risks you may be taking now
  • Invigorated by the story-telling of accomplished listeners
  • Become a better boss, employee and friend

Steve has interviewed hundreds of physicians during his medical journalism career. He has reported for National Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio, and understands how to get and tell a good story. 

Facts about this program:

  • 45-75 minutes in length
  •  Appropriate for keynote speeches, breakout sessions or general session events
  • Can be customized, depending on your audience or organization
  •  Package includes a copy of White Coat Wisdom for every audience member


White Coat Wisdom hardcover book

White Coat Wisdom by Stephen J. Busalacchi is an oral history featuring extraordinary physicians.

ISBN 978-09794222-56