Meet the Press--Don't Fear Them  


Yes, it is possible to look very bad on TV or make a comment that gets you into trouble. But there are plenty of strategies that work to minimize such issues. Communicating effectively in the news media hinges on confidence, the whole basis for media interview training. The reason a news reporter will come to you is because you have something he or she doesn't have: credible information. Doing interviews, once properly trained, is well worth the small risk that something might go wrong.

Relay information with a strategy in mind. Steve has led media relations training sessions for hundreds of professionals over the years, including doctors from the Brown County Medical Society. After their media interview training, they performed at a high level before the press at a public forum that drew excellent media coverage.

Even highly educated, knowledgeable professionals often fear gotcha questions, not knowing enough about the subject matter or possibly freezing before the camera. But the truth is reporters tend to be generalists and don't know a whole lot about any particular subject. They seek excellent sources because they add credibility to their reporting. Therefore, you can walk in with confidence, expressing yourself without fear. 

Steve specializes in media relations training of clients so they know what to expect and have a chance to try out the strategies discussed. Doing an interview is nothing more than having a conversation--but one which you prepare for carefully.