Younger Next Year

This book, Younger Next Year, was a gift, one which may well add some years to my life. But I didn't love it.

The authors, Chris Crowley and Henry S, Lodge, MD, make an admirable case for increasing the amount of exercise in one's life. And, I plan to implement many of their suggestions. But how the Washington Post could call it "hilarious" is beyond me.

The book is structured with alternating chapters by each author. Lodge is quite good and clearly explains the benefits of regular exercise, while Crowley's self-deprecating humor and advice got old very fast. His generalizations were even worse. Apparently, the audience for this book is a despondent, overweight man who never heard of the word, exercise. Here's an example of Crowley's sage comments:

"Everyone, everyone, everyone fears and dreads aging. And the possible emptiness of retirement. And death, which seems all of a piece with the other two. You think about that literal trio---emptiness, aging and death---all the time in your fifties."

Hmm. I do?  I guess we decrepit 50-year-olds are two steps away from jumping off the ledge. What total BS.

Thankfully, the actual content (sans the moronic  commentary) is pretty good. Both writers offer strong evidence for daily exercise, which will literally keep us younger and protect us from illness and injury.

Little of this stuff is brand new to anybody who pays attention to wellness, but they are all excellent reminders:

  1. Exercise six days per week.
  2. Do aerobic exercise four days per week.
  3. Lift weights two days per week.
  4. Avoid lousy food.
  5. Maintain friendships and relationships

I'll throw in a sixth piece of advice. Read great books, especially ones that don't assume you're a total idiot.

Posted on January 24, 2014 .