The Other Talk Radio: Joy Cardin, Wisconsin Public Radio

The radio waves may be filled with talkers who have very strong opinions, but there's also a spot on the dial and on the Internet that offers informed conversation without the histrionics.

"We don't tell you what to think," Wisconsin Public Radio's Joy Cardin told Madison South Rotary members. "Our mission is to inform and present all sides of an issue," explains Cardin, whose program was named "Best Morning Talk Show" by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association in 2012.

Despite the great attention and high ratings partisan, commercial radio talk shows get, Cardin points out that WPR's audience is growing to record heights.

"People are looking for news and civil discussion," she explains. And, the hosts do not spout their personal and political opinions on the air.

"We let our guests do the talking," says Cardin. Callers get a chance to chime in too and ask guests pointed questions themselves.

The biggest complaint Cardin tends to hear from listeners is, "I didn't like your conservative guest."  Generally speaking, Cardin says the electorate seems to have become quite polarized.

"Sometimes they (listeners) don't want to hear other views. Intolerance makes me sad," she says.

When asked what is driving this polarization, Cardin pointed to the proliferation of radio and TV programs where the hosts spout pointed opinions. In contrast, Cardin says WPR "promotes discussion so people can make informed choices."


To check out Joy Cardin's program, visit, where you can also subscribe to her podcast.

Talk show host Joy Cardin, of Wisconsin Public Radio, spoke to Madison South Rotary today. Hear the main portion of her presentation by clicking the player below.

Posted on February 10, 2014 .