How Dying in America is Just Killing Us

Life Matters

The vast majority of health care spending occurs in the last weeks and months of life. But is it well spent? Is our quality of care improved? No! We spend more and get less.

In his exciting and thought-provoking presentation, medical journalist and author Steve Busalacchi discusses what he’s learned after extensive interviews with several dozen notable physicians featured in his book, Life Matters. 

Steve discusses:

  • How emergency rooms unnecessarily bleed red
  • Costly end-of-life care that fails to deliver high quality care
  • Why the medical community’s failed to prepare patients for death
  • How we can embrace end-of-life care and live better


After experiencing this program, you will…

  • Be inspired to discuss end-of-life issues
  • Recognize how family members are affected by indecision
  • Invigorated by the story-telling heard from physicians
  • Want to encourage family members to express their wishes

Steve has interviewed hundreds of physicians during his medical journalism career. He has reported for National Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio, and understands how to get and tell a good story. This is one medical speaker you will not forget!

Facts about this program:

  • 45-90 minutes in length
  •  Perfect for keynote speeches, breakout sessions or general session events
  • Can be customized, depending on your audience or organization
  •  Package includes a copy of Life Matters for every audience member
  • White Coat Wisdom makes for an excellent book for inclusion at palliative care conferences.


This reader comment is from the chapter featuring Philip Dougherty, MD, an internist who has experienced the good and bad deaths of many a patient over several decades of practice.

"I started reading your book last weekend and one chapter in particular became very relevant to my life.   

On Saturday my grandmother was rushed to the hospital with aspiration pneumonia and put on a ventilator.  She had a fall and closed head injury in late April and had just been moved from the rehab center where she wasn't making any progress to a nursing home on Friday.  We chose to take her off the ventilator on Tuesday and let her "die right" at the age of 80 on Tuesday evening. 

The chapter, Dying Right, helped me and my family members tremendously.  Thank you for sharing your words with me..."

Reader, St. Louis, MO 


Life Matters (soft cover) by Stephen J. Busalacchi

Life Matters by Stephen J. Busalacchi features physicians who discuss their experiences with dying patients. It is a must read for those who wish to die peacefully.

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